Abdur Razzak, whose performances of high repute has earned him the honoured title Nayak Raj Razzak has a career legacy very few have been able to match. The actor is also a renowned director and producer, and his works have created a significant mark on Bangladeshi cinema. Today is a momentous day for the hero, as it is his birthday. While wishing him on behalf of the Daily Star this correspondent reached out to the actor for a chat regarding his plans for his special day, and more.


What plans do you have for your birthday?

Razzak:At my age birthday celebrations have fallen into the hands of the younger ones. My grandchildren make the most of this day, and this time they have begun the fun and joy for a few days now. It’s the reason why I look forward to my birthdays so much, and I plan to spend it at home with my family and loved ones.

How different were birthdays when you were a busy actor at the height of your career?

Razzak:I was extremely busy then, and used to celebrate it with the rest of the acting industry. The arrangements were quite elaborate, and I don’t know if any other actor had such grand celebrations. I would realise the appreciation and love my colleagues had for me on this day each year, and I am always overwhelmed by it.

Who are the loved ones you fondly remember on your birthdays?

Razzak:There are many, from old colleagues and friends who are sadly no more in this world. Each person has an appointed time in this life, and death comes for us all. I can never forget the faces I have once known, and I can never shake off the thoughts of where we all are today, even more so on my birthdays. It makes me immensely sad, but such is life.

What is the most valuable gift you have received thus far?

Razzak:It is love from the people. What else can be greater than that? My wealth and means, the food on my table, it all came from working in films. The love and appreciation people have for me is what kept me going and it is the greatest joy and gift in my life.

Do you have a birthday wish?

Razzak:All I want is people’s love and respect. I pray to God to keep me in good health, and I seek love and prayers from everyone.

Is there something you wanted but have not been able to receive?

Razzak:Absolutely not. God has been extremely kind to me, and I have no regrets regarding my life and career. Life has given me more than I could ever want.

What achievements from today’s film actors do you desire to see?

Razzak:I just want one thing. I would like to see the Bangladeshi cinema turned around for the better before I pass. I would like for it to go back to the way it was during its golden years.

What do you love receiving the most on your birthdays?

Razzak:I don’t desire material gifts on my birthday. A sincere wish from loved ones is what makes me happiest.

Do you still have the desire to act?

Razzak:Of course. I still have dreams of creating something memorable and wonderful. I can never imagine my existence without film, and I hope to God that I pass from this world while still working. If I am in good health, I will definitely be working on some great projects in the near future.