A debonair personification of international diplomacy,  has been a conduit, transcending academia into pertinent leadership. An assorted collection of UN committees to pursue, it proffers an engaging opportunity for delegates vying for meaningful deliberation. Mumbai MUN is back again, with its sixth instalment in 2017 as a three day conference on the 24th, 25th and 26th of February.

The theme of this year’s edition is – Polarisation: Stretching the Ideological Divide . Current global events illustrate and exemplify how the world is polarised by an ideological divide. The theme, therefore endeavours to bring this issue to the forefront, making room for the possibility of mitigating the influence of such a philosophy. Our committees for Mumbai MUN 2017 are tailor-made to showcase the opposite ends of the spectrum, with the aim of shifting the global psyche from a state of exigency to tranquility. The disconnect caused due to polarization has reached its pinnacle and if the wounds inflicted by this situation are not sewn urgently, the backbone of humanity’s existence will be broken, leading to unfathomable catastrophe. Realising the importance of stability and peace, we at Mumbai MUN hope to contribute to this very dire cause.

Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management & Engineering (MPSTME) is an important addition to NMIMS’s vision of ‘Transcending Horizons’. MPSTME is a unique culmination of the University’s inherent versatility, in both Engineering and Management domains, which forges individuals into much needed techno-managers ready for today’s industry.

What makes us different?
At Mumbai MUN we don’t seek sponsors, we seek partners. An integral part of our conference’s culture lies in the associations we strive to and succeed in building with organizations both corporate and non-profit. The faith these organizations have placed in us in the past has driven us to out-do ourselves with each passing edition of our conference, never losing focus of what really is important: Bringing about sustainable change and social awareness especially amongst the youth, be it even in the simplest ways.

In our youth lies the future of our society and influencing these young absorbent minds in the right way is our vision, a vision shared by many as one can see.

Indeed, a testament to any public speaker’s mettle is swathes of followers that are swayed by the speaker’s arguments. This disillusions the mandate of the people on an array of issues as well. It, therefore, requires the speaker’s conviction towards the path they have set out on. To manifest such a relationship in the making, Mumbai MUN this year, has incorporated the MUN debate, paying homage to the popular theme of debate from Toronto, Canada. Here, the attendees will have the pleasure of experiencing the clashes of principles and ideals as ardent stalwarts engage in a battle of words.