Building a future or nurturing a phobia?

    Building a future or nurturing a phobia?

    Building a future or nurturing a phobia?: Phobic, the word within itself denotes fear. Is it a bad thing, though? Phobia is a term that defines the fear of a particular thing, not only a normal fear but this is fear at its extreme. Everyone has their own fears, which, if pushed to a certain extent can be a phobia. But everyone is afraid to face their own phobias which prevents them from talking about it.

    Everyone is always running for the future while living in the present, so let’s focus on the present problems. Everyone says, the worldwide future of the countries depends on the youngsters, therefore it has turned them into the focal point of the issue.

    Even though we say that the youngsters are the future, we tend to forget the fact that the present time is the era that they live in. As the competition in the world increases, along with it the growth of fears in all the youngsters also increases.

    In order to be the first in the race or even be a part of the race, the generation of youth firstly have to be an expert in their own field of interests. In order to do so, they engage in all types of activities to promote themselves. But does that mean that they have to stick to one field and only be the hero of their field of interest? In reality, it isn’t a crime to try new things and to find out the one thing that truly does seem like a passion.

    In the race to be successful, what truly does accompany us more than anything else is our fears. The fears overwhelm us as soon as we start the race and it drags with us while we run along the tracks and turns into a phobia. What the youngsters nowadays fear above all, is failure.

    In the race even if they fall down once, they start to fear that they won’t be able to finish the line even though they try. It was once said, that, the unseen is more fearful than the seen, but for this generation of youth, this is quite the opposite at present. The fear is pushed to such a level that they even refuse to look how little they have to work to reach the finish line and eventually their destination for success. Just like our parents told us when we were young that it is important to finish the race, and the quote still holds its place above all.

    Yes, it is important to finish the race and it is important to try until we break or the situation in front of us breaks.

    As a youngster, what you need to do is to face the things that you are afraid of and finish the race. The fear may turn into a phobia, but don’t be afraid to face it. The unseen would always look scary to you. The tunnel also looks dark from the side that you are standing but the other end holds the light to your future. So, try for it now. Make the attempts, do whatever it takes but just finish the race. At the end of the day remember one thing, it’s your own passion and dreams that are at stake.

    And for all of us, we should be there for the young people that are out there in order to secure the future that we are so concerned about. Even though we can’t help them in some of the matters but it is possible to be there when they just need someone to hear them out. Let them talk about their extreme fears, so that it never gets bottled up and be their friends in the present. For once, lets stop pushing them for the future, hold their hands, and walk with them on their road to abundance and success.

    After all, the future is in our hands and only ours to build, so let’s make an effort and build it together.