Is your necessity your priority?

Oxygen has its own value and necessity in our lives. Is it possible to survive without it? Of course not. I know at this moment many of you are rolling your eyes at me because I’m asking such a question but it would make sense if you stick to the end.

So, oxygen is a necessity and taking oxygen into your lungs is your first priority, right? Yes, because without that you wouldn’t be able to live. This is the most generic idea of necessity and priority, right? Of course it is so, lets leave that and get to the point of what necessity and priority means nowadays.

You all know of the dictionary meaning of necessity and priority? Believe me, many of you can’t really differentiate the words.

Nowadays education is a necessity because if you are uneducated then you can’t get a job, you can’t earn for your family and fulfill all their needs, and also you can’t fulfill your own needs. But, what are the youngsters actually doing? Are they really considering such things as a necessity? These days the one thing they can truly think as their necessity, is to put up with trends that are set up by others. The trendsetters are always in the track to set a new trend and their dutiful followers are always thinking of how to follow the new trend in a better way.

Trends and fashion is only a minor priority in life and not a necessity. What is really a necessity? It is to build a life so that the future can be a bright shining star at the end of this race for success. Trends are there to make you more presentable but that doesn’t mean you have to follow it without focusing on other things.

Since everyone is so obsessed with it, we can all do one things. Let’s make it a trend to follow our dreams. Lets start working for a better future and a better way to live. Set your necessities and priorities straight, and start working for them. Get organised and live life in a way that you can be the trendsetter in your own life. Always remember that no one ever tries to copy the cover girl because they are too perfect to be copied. Therefore, try to be the cover girl of your own life and be your own trendsetter.