It’s the starting of a new day and all the sounds that can be heard is the chirping of birds outside the window. A figure appears at the door and peeps in so carefully so that the pin drop silence remains and the sleeping figure on the bed isn’t disturbed. After watching for a while the figure goes straight out of the door and through the main door.


The story is a short one but it holds a lot of emotions inside of it that are always left unsaid. Now, the one question that does arise from this is, who was the figure by the door and who was the figure on the bed. So, let me tell you, the figure on the bed was you and the figure by the door was your father. Yes, it might not be necessary that this is the scenario in your case but does that mean the emotions aren’t present.


In our daily lives we all need many things to live life fully and completely. The only thing that we do remember to do is to let our fathers know that this is what we want and the due date that we want it by and then just like magic it appears beforehand. But do we actually think for one second that even to fulfill the most basic needs he may have to make some changes in his life? No, because we all think that it’s the most simple thing that we are asking for and it was always planned that  they would gonna give  it to us. And maybe he does that because that is how much he loves you.


A mother’s love is always said to be the purest and the most precious. Yes, it is and it is shown by her in every moment that passes. But did we ever stop by to think how a father expresses his love? We all think that he is the one who is always saying a bit harsh stuffs and talking to us only when it’s important but that isn’t necessarily the truth. He calls a million times to ensure you reached home safely, he makes sure that you get all the needs and demands fulfilled beforehand, he is the one who makes sure you have your meal beforehand so that you have a full stomach before you go out or go to bed.


He doesn’t come up always to express whatever he feels but do we go to him to say what we feel? Father’s day is one day that we surely do something for him but is that enough? Why not tell him everyday, just for once,

“Dad, I love you and thank you for all the things that you have done for me”.


He is the superhero that always protects you no matter what and he is the one person who loves you silently all his life no matter what. He keeps all information on you not because he wants to “spy” on you but it’s only because you are the one person that he loves most unconditionally. He is the Santa who is there for you throughout the year and gives you everything.


The hand that taught you to do everything belongs father’s and he is the one person who is going to be the sort system throughout your life. So let’s go up to them and tell them how much they mean and that if there is a superhero in life then it’s him and no one else. No matter how old you are, let’s go and hold the same hands and go out for a long walk and cherish all the memories and make new ones with them. Remember, he is your identity and you are his pride.

Yes, I might sound like an absolute daddy’s girl but trust me you would also be if you take a step towards him. The reason is not only because he is always with you through everything, but also because he would understand you if you just take the step towards him. He would be the best friend that you never had because you are the one thing that he loves more than anything.

To all the fathers out there, thank you. Thank you for making us whoever we are and thank you for always being there through thick and thin.