Hello guys. It’s that boring guy again. Well I’m going through that transition period of life right now when everything’s a mess. And by that mess I mean, the confusion about life, that pressure to shine (though I don’t know what that actually means ). Well, I’m just going to say what’s been going on in my mind for the last couple of days.

“Future leaders, Visionaries, Executors, Perfectionists”- these are only a few of the adjectives that people use to define youngsters. While I do agree that we are all of the above, I myself have a different perspective. Yes, we are all of the above but we are caged. We are caged inside a box, chained by several layers of shackles. Typical semi conservative (read strictly conservative) society of our country still pushes us, the youngsters, towards perfection instead of uniqueness.

And here starts the caging and the shackles.

Now the readers might have the question in their mind as to what I mean by the cage and the shackles. The cage is a box of a stereotype set of goals, outside of which we aren’t allowed to pursue any other aims. And what are the shackles? Why aren’t we being able to break out of this cage and pursue what WE want rather than just being a puppet? Well, according to me, there are a lot of shackles.

For example, we are chained by the fear of what our parents would think of us if we don’t live up to their expectations, what the society would think of us if we don’t become “DOCTORS OR ENGINEERS” (read money banks), the ever existing pressure of being the best, but most horrifying of all, actually realizing how hard life is as we start to grow up and take responsibilities.

I don’t know about what others think but as I’m growing up and maturing, a kind of insecurity and confusion is building inside me. The insecurity and confusion whether I should actually pursue my dreams or not. I often wonder nowadays if studying history or International Relation (yes I am a nerd. I LOVE history and International Relations) will actually fulfill the expectations my parents have for me.

Will my parents and the society take my decision respectfully? Or will there be frowns?  But the most important question of all is, will I be able to live the life I want for me? Will I regret this decision later? Will I be able to provide for my parents as they did for me? See, according to me, the biggest shackle that keeps me chained inside that cage is I. My decisions and indecisions, my priorities, my responsibilities, my insecurities, my arrogance, my confidence, my personality, my so called “SOCIAL STATUS”. What I am trying to say is that my biggest shackle is MYSELF.

I don’t know about you guys but sometimes I wonder. I wonder maybe it isn’t the best idea to follow my dreams. I mean, what good will it bring if I achieve my dreams  but shatter the dreams others had built around me? Is it worth it to fight for something that’s so uncertain? Maybe it’d be better to take the easy way out you know. Maybe the ideal “being topper in school, college and then getting admitted to an engineering university just to graduate then getting an MBA degree to work in a bank and leading the stereotype life” is the easy way to go. So the question is, DO I GIVE UP?

The answer is NO. NO, I WON’T.

You know why I won’t? You know why even after all the uncertainties, all the shackles, I’m going to thrive to break loose? Because when I’m 50 or 60 years old, and I have nothing left to lose, I do not want to look behind and lament. I do not want to think about the “WHAT IF’s”. I do not want to know what might have happened if I had revolted against the stereotype rules. I do not want to lament over the life I could have had. Most importantly, I do not want to see just a crippled old man, tired and lost in the battle of life when I stand in front of the mirror. I want to look at the mirror and see that same old energetic me, I want to see that smile, that look of satisfaction and victory.

Ok, I’ve already blabbered enough (can’t help it, I’m a bit of a blabbermouth). Sorry about that. One last request. Please don’t wither away. Thrive for yourself. And I promise no more boring gibberish. Cheers guys!