You walk into the room and everything is PITCH black, and suddenly a fear starts to creep INTO your mind that maybe this was all worth nothing. But just as you start to turn back around, something stops you; your heart whispers to you, “Stay”. And just like a magic, the spotlights SWITCH on and FOCUS on you, and the hidden crowd comes into view. The crowd is going wild, cameras are flashing and everything around is as bright as daylight.

Hey, you there? You must be lost in the whole scenario I just gave you, right? Well, that was my intention. See, this is a scenario where I currently envision myself at (No, I’m not a celebrity…yet). Why?

Well, because I want to be successful.

The scenario in front of you is of a person (in this case me) who enters a dark room, with no certainty of what might happen to her. And she waits for something to happen and gradually the fear of failure grips her. However, she overcomes her fear to find her way to her destiny.

It must sound very cinematic to you, right? But trust me when I say that, this could be your scenario as well. Unlike mine, your scenario could be the first job appointment, the first car you buy from your own hard earned money, the first building you design and build or the first life you save, but no matter what or how it happens, all of us will find our way to OUR destiny.

I like to envision us as weavers; we are building our own future with every decision we take. Everyone SAYS that “We are what we eat”, I believe “We are who we want to be”. I’m not a dreamer, I‘m just a believer, who will give her level best for achieving her dreams.

We all believe in fairytales, right? At one point of our life we did, right? Well, I did too (Still do). I envision myself as “Moana” and sometimes as “Merida” from Brave. I love to believe that just like them; I will achieve my goals whilst finding my way past all the hazards. I mean come on, life wouldn’t be interesting if it had been all buttered up; you need something spicy once in awhile. I mean I’m a Bengali and I love Bengali food, but once in awhile I want some Chinese or Italian too.

All, I’m saying is that no matter what happens, never give up. Even when your dreamed scenario comes into reality, never stop. Because that my friend was just the trailer (as Shahrukh Khan says). So keep believing and keep fulfilling your dreams. Yes, “dreams”, no one said you can’t have more than one. Though, I think it’s better to slay one dragon at a time. But please do slay them.