Sifat Kabir

Abdun Noor Shajal Famous star of our nation, whom everybody loves, every girl goes mad as he arrives on screen. However, Shajal will be seen judging a show in RTV.

RTV going to arrange a reality show “RTV-Dabar vertica campus star” where judges will be selecting the winner. Beside Shajal audience will even see singer Kona and Nipun as judge, said the producers of the program in a press briefing.

The producers said that Dabar Bangladesh and RTV have selected 15 public and private university students for the competition, where the students of selected university students will sing, dance and act then from them Shajal , Kona and Nipun will elect three competitors and they will be declared as winner.

On being asked Shajal said, “I don’t want be judge and I have never done such things, even this time also I was not going to sit. However I thought through this we can bring up some talents. I liked the concept and therefor I agreed to be a part of the reality show.”

The winner will be awarded with tk 1 lakh and be a model of vertica hair oil Advertisement.