Sifat Kabir

Fans cannot wait for their favorite stars forthcoming work. Even stars want their fans to be always pleased with his or her work. Similarly Abdun Noor Shajal has got huge fan followings, where his fan goes crazy for their much loved stars.

Shajal is coming up with his next play “Moishal”, where the star will be seen as a cart rider. However, Shajal will ride a Buffalo cart. This is completely different character which will be played by Shajal for the first time, said the star on being asked by Ananda Jatra.

This drama is being directed by Abul Kalam Azad and the location where the paly has been shot is Andarkandi Chor.

Shajal said to Ananda Jatra “this type of character I love to play, I love to portrait myself in serious type stories.”

A good story is not adequate to make a drama i need a good director and producer and then only I enjoy playing in this kind of rare and serious stories otherwise not added Shajal.

Further Shajal said that “we really did hard work for this story, hope audience will accept me as cart rider”

Beside Shajal the female lead is Prova. Others who have participated on the play are Shilpi Sarker, Apu, Omat, Ayaz and Oni.