A lady has been killed in the city of Dhaka today.

However her head was chopped out of her body. Today In the afternoon around like 4 pm at Khilkhet in Dhaka a lady has been killed, while her identity remained unknown. Locals have told that they are uncertain about the lady’s identity.

Within an hour of the incident Daily Mail 24 team was present at the spot where the dead body was thrown. The team found the body was thrown where the wastes are kept. When Daily Mail 24 team arrived there, then the body was just being removed by police.

The death body has been sent to Dhaka Medical Collage Hospital. Talking to a local he said, “We don’t know about the identity of this lady, her head is completely chopped out of her body.”

Talking to airport zone Assistant commissioner of police Mr. Ruhul Amin Shagor said, “we are looking forward to it. Our investigative team is already started investigating on this” The AC more said is at first will do a DNA test and then will get her finger print from their will get her NID number, by this step we guess will get her identity.