The world’s first dual-screen always-on smartphone is here! Fully personalizable always-on screen. Hands-free messaging and mail. Reading time up to 100 hours. Full Android functionality on both screens. The smart-phone future.

YOTAPHONE 2 measures battery life not in hours but in days. Five days’ reading on a single charge. 2 days’ basic smartphone functions with the YotaEnergy app. Forgot your charger? It doesn’t matter.
Battery 2500 mAh,  YotaEnergy mode Up to 48 hours and more, Reading on EPD 100 h Using maps on EPD Up to 18 hours
You can also turn YOTAPHONE’s EPD screen into your own personal statement. Family pictures, friends, Instagram, holidays, hobbies, passions and personality: an expression of what’s most important to you. Or choose an image from YotaCast, a cornucopia of art, design, photos and inspiring quotations from the wisest guys on the planet. It’s up to you.
Grayscale levels 16 Self-expression ∞