Changu Lake, also called Tsogmo Lake or Tsonmgo Lake or Tshangu Lake is a glacial lake which interestingly translates to ‘Head/Source of Lake’ in Bhutia language.

Located in East Sikkim district 40 km from Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim, this beauty in blue is perched at an altitude of 3780 m. The azure colour of the lake turns into white of ice in winters. The journey to this one of the most beautiful lakes of Himalayas is highly adventurous, as the road is quite steep and gains elevation rapidly.

As you take the journey, you have a rendezvous with history, since this was the Old Silk route before 1962.

Changu Lake is a protected area owing to its proximity to the Chinese border, hence a Protected Area Permit is required to travel to the place.

Indians can get their permits from the Police Check Post, and foreigners can get theirs from the Tourism and Civil Aviation department and Police Check Post.

A mix of adventure and natural beauty, the journey to Changu Lake or Tsomgo Lake is one of the most important and exotic highlights of travelling through Sikkim.

Article has been written by Trisha Roy

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