Statistically each day Bangladesh is successfully achieving top of the hill in the Fashion industry. Nibir Adnan Nahid he is such a name that doesn’t need any introduction in Bangladesh fashion industry. The very first stanza was dedicated to this charming and loving Model.

Nahid is probably Bangladesh first male model who have got buckets of fan following and supports with him. He is a Fashion Icon with 7 years’ of experience in Fashion Industrial projects, and also was successfully modeled for countries top brands such as Ecstasy, O2, Cats eye, Artisti, Aarong, Manyavar, Urban Truth, le-reeve, Warah, Doors , Trendz, Fit Elegance and possesses the specific attributes that many designers and fashion directors look for.

In recent times Daily Mail 24 got to know this young Model is looking forward to countries film industries. He will only be doing the film if the story suits him and the level has to be of action thriller type, but this does not mean he will focus on films only.

While talking to Nahid he said “I would love to work in films but am very choosy that’s where the problem arise, I am looking forward to work in bigger screen but my work will be very selective”

This mesmerising model is so popular in Bangladesh that if you don’t follow him on social media then you cannot actually believe. Girls go crazy when they see him in a portrait, even boys do adore him, love him furiously.

Today statistically Ecstacy, O2, Artisti, and Doors are countries top brands, can readers guess why people love to buy products of above-mentioned brands? It’s because Nibir Adnan Nahid was seen with their brand, he was the face of those brands, and this proves how famous this star is in the country like Bangladesh. 80 percent of countries boys think he is a role model for them. Fashion freak every new comer adores him, loves him, think him as the boss of countries fashion model.

Recently Nahid was seen working for GTV Action hour its Bengali series. His looks on the screen went viral among his fans. Fans went crazy to see their favorite star on screen. Fans have always wanted their star to come up with some furious look and guess what Nahid have successfully understood his fans and satisfied his fans by his bold and loving works.

Statistically Nahid is riding top of the hill

While talking to Daily Mail 24 Nahid said even this Model is looking forward to International markets. And even in this he thinks he is confident enough to face international market

Researching on this model Daily Mail 24 got to know that Nahid even worked in some of international TVC’s like Al Hayati and uncountable domestic TVC’s like Samsung Mobile- Bangladesh, Pran Dal, Grameenphone, Symphony Zvi Mobile-Bangladesh, Rush- Energy Drinks- Bangladesh, Hice & Hire Air-Condition, Meril lip gel, Tanjim jeans & Many More.

Regarding above achievements is why Nahid is being said that statistically, he is riding the top of the hill.

Sifat Kabir