Hrazu: Magic is an art that can connect with people

1. How Did u get into magician? Who Inspired You?

Actually, I am a painter from my childhood. I have been awarded several times for my paintings. But I always was in a search for the art form that can really connect with people, and guess what? it’s magic. Only magic gives you the vast opportunity to connect with people. If I explain somebody can understand the abstract painting, somebody can’t. Somebodies are interested in classical music, somebody likes different types of a song as the tagor song, Nazrul geeti, kawali etc. But If anyone sees I am making self-levitation that time every type of people are interested how I am doing it. Really, This matter inspired me and after watching David Blaine’s TV show at my early age, I really got inspired. When I first saw his show on AXN, I was totally astonished. I thought how did he make the coin disappear, how did he exchange the cards and the best part extreme endurance art. That time I thought to be a magician.

2. How would you describe magician life?

You have to very much be dedicated to your magician life. You have to work hard. Being magician my life is not too much simple. Though I like to maintain my life as a simple person. People think a magician is an extraordinary person who can do anything. Sometimes I feel mischievous but I cant express. One day my mom was sick and I was very sad. After coming out from my home people requested me again and again for showing magic. I couldn’t tell I am not in a normal situation. At last, I showed them magic.
Very honestly, I love them a lot. For them today I am Hrazu. I really respect them.

3. What would be Your Advice to those who are looking to get a start?

Those who feel interested in magic. They should come forward and study a lot. They have to be very dedicated and passionate. As a form of art, It has no shortcut. You need to work hard and must be an educated person. Not only in the Academic background but also it needs different types of knowledge. As magic is the blender of different types of the art forms. Another thing which is the core element is, you have to become a good human being to be a good magician, painter or a good doctor. Every magician should make himself a good human being who will play a role to develop the society.

4. Where can people follow you?

People can follow me on Facebook, Instagram, twitter also they can watch my videos on YouTube.

5. What keeps you Busy Nowadays?

Well last EID I was casted in a drama named XYZ returns. After that I started getting offers to act on dramas, but I am too much busy with my magic show. I am continuously performing at the stage. Recently I performed at a gala show at Bashundhara Convention center. I have recently finished shooting for an TV drama which is coming in this Eid-Ul-Fitar. I am also busy with the shooting of some of my TV magic shows and busy with my studies as i am studying on micro biology.

6. What’s about your Future plan?

I want to make a magical revolution in this country. I want to represent my country internationally by using my act of magic. I want to include magic in our education curriculum. I also want to make a great TV show like my friend Dynamo and want to do some stunts like David Blaine, as I am also an endurance artist. Already I have started working on my TV show named ‘Think in Magic ‘

 7. Who would be your ideal date?

Must be a caring person with great personality. Who can understand me, well mannered, educated and not arrogant. Someone who has a great humor.

8. Do you want to give any messages to the government?

The current condition of our magic is not too much developed. It can be a great sector if we properly nurture it. Eventually, The Government can earn a lot of money from this sector as like European and American countries. The government should give a thought about this sector. They can make an institution. A lot of people can take their profession as magicians.

9. What do you like doing, when you are not working?

Actually, I don’t get much free time. When I get open time I play the flute, I do painting. Sometimes I cook. Also, I  spend time writing.

10. One thing that you wanted to do since childhood?

I wanted to become a wizard.

11. If you could change one thing by using your magic, what would it be?

Reduce poverty and bringing inner peace to the human soul.