Good designer can turn anything into a masterpiece

Faigheh Rezazadeh added new designed boot to her dress line. She designed a shoe form aluminum sheet, she found this interesting thought and decided to bring this thought into reality. She started to work on it. She knows it was really hard to do, but she took a shot.

She had worked constantly on this handcraft more than thirty hours. After working heart and soul, she made her dream come true.

She calls her a creator more than a fashion designer. She have created some beautiful masterpieces like accessories, paintings on fabrics and all kind of hats for bridal or     headpieces.

She is a real revolution, belonging from a muslim family as a fashion designer. She says she is thinking about producing some new creations from Bangladesh and India. Because the labour cost in Bangladesh and India is too low compared to other countries. If the production cost can be cut down more people would get the opportunity to try her designs. She always keep in mind, that her designs are in a affordable range for everyone.

Moreover she says she have seen much experienced and creative people from Bangladesh and India on her trip to the United States. Which gave her the idea to go for productions from Bangladesh and India. She is always concerned about her quality in every designs.