1. How would you relate our past & present fashion trends?
Fashion is always beautiful whether past or present. It’s always innovative and charming. Fashion in past was so sober and elegant. We can see that always past trends are coming back and overcome present. Our latest fashion is too trendy, expensive and innovative. Bridals and haute couture are just amazing these days.

2.  How comfortable are you while working with models & other designers?
Yes models are faces of our brands and I am comfortable to work with them, specially when it comes to our brands. Obviously with other designers. We work together so we have a good relationship with each other, regardless of the competition. Every designer have their own style so I am very fine with whoever I work with.

3. How would you deal with an arrogant client?
Remember client is always right, so no hard feeling with any clients. Especially for me, I deal mostly with brides and high end clients. So I have to be very patient with them because brides are normally very concerned about what they should wear on their best day. So patience is a best policy to satisfy the client with your best ideas.

4. How would you describe your personal style?
Yes I am very stylish, I like elegant stuff which suits me well and normally I go for shimmer and colorful life like red, pink, purple. I am a person of colors and also a perfectionist. Whatever I do or wear it should be perfect matching with my personality.

5. Where do you want to see yourself in next ten years?
Yes it’s a very important question, I am very passionate person towards my work. I want to take forward my designing work so I have launched International Fashion Week in Dubai, which is one of the top fashion week of the world at present. I am moving forward with my designs for movies now. After 10 years I definitely want to see myself as a movie producer and as a star in fashion industry. This is my dream

6. What do you think about work ethics and what kind of ethics you believe in while working?
Work ethics will take you to the heights of success, measure them and see where you stand. For me integrity, discipline and quality of my work of fashion is one of the key factors.

7. What kind of softwares do you use while designing?
I still don’t work with any softwares. I am comfortable with drawing, my canvas with pencils and colors. Since i studied in fine arts, so my preference is always hand made stuff.

8. What skills are necessary for a successful fashion designer?
First of all your passion towards your profession is most important. Secondly you have to be innovative with your designs. you must have a strong business sense which includes communication skills, and drawing skills. Most important is good marketing skills. Which you cannot avoid to be a successful fashion designers.

Interviewee: Cheryle Dias