1.What is that one thing that you wanted to do since childhood but still remains unfulfilled?
Always wanted to be a ballerina, which still remained unfulfilled.

2.If you could change one event in the history of mankind,What would that be and why?
I’d like to change the fact people being dependent on the money. People are very dependent on the money.

3.What’s the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon?
Watching movies and doing what I love.

4.Who is your favourite designer & why?
My favorite designer is Salvatore Ferragamo. Because the designs are exquisite.

5.What’s your idea of a perfect night out?
Walk around the city at night. When the sky is full of stars.

6.What will be your ideal day?
My perfect day when the street is warm rain and you’re in a hurry on work. And you stop for a minute to enjoy the warmth and sound of rain.

7. What’s best chat-up line you’ve heard?
The best way to get acquainted is the Internet.

8.Is it true that personality is more important than proportion in modeling right now? Yes, its the truth.

9.What’s most important to you now money or fame?
For me more important is the fame.

10.You do make a fortune,so isn’t money important?
Money is not important. Its important be a human with a big heart.

11.Do you ever get paranoid about your appearance?
I think every girl suffers not paranoia, uncertainty in their appearance. We work in a industry where there is huge amount of competition.You need to constantly be in competition and you got to look good.