1. Tell us a few words about you?
My name is Vasiliki Theodorou and I am the creative soul of the brand MISS POLYPLEXI. I originally come from Greece which is the country I grew up and I currently live. I travelled a lot to various international destinations and I had also lived in some European countries, however, Greece is – in some way – “magical” and kind of “brought” me back. The lovely sun, the rich culture, the beautiful places & islands are a great inspiration for me. Of course, my family lives here and I am quite emotionally attached to them.
As far as my personality is concerned, I am a restless spirit with lots of creativity inside that finally found peacefulness in the design & creation of MISS POLYPLEXI handmade knitted bags!
2.  Is there any famous blogger, supermodel or another personality that you have worked with so far? 
Yes, indeed. Miss Polyplexi handknitted bags are very much liked among popular & stylish bloggers. They love the handmade side of the bags and that they are custom made just for them based on their style & aesthetics.
Among the collaborations I made so far, there is one that I am very proud of! I have recently worked with Dubai based supermodel Lenka Josefiova. I chose her as she is so talented and special. I am honored to have such an amazing Ambassador to spread the word about Miss Polyplexi handmade bags. She is worth the best of my creations!
3.  How was the idea about the MISS POLYPLEXI brand of handknitted bags born?Knitting has been and will still be my hobby as it is something I love so much doing. The starting point though of this whole idea was when I decided to share it with you all. This is how the MISS POLYPLEXI brand of handknitted bags was born. A woman’s bag is something very special to her. Women cannot live without bags, it’s their ultimate accessory that completes & elevates their outfit. In parallel, bags also have a practical dimension as they carry for us all that somebody can imagine which we cannot live without!

4.  Premium quality materials and unique bags that are made from beginning to end by hand. Are there any difficulties due to this?
Personally, being a woman myself, I would love to feel unique & special carrying my very own & unique handknitted MISS POLYPLEXI bag. Whatever the difficulties this may involve, they are all raised off thanks to the passion I have for what I am doing. I love hearing every woman’s need that she would like to carry her unique MISS POLYPLEXI handknitted bag. This intrigues & inspires me more.
5.  To whom the MISS POLYPLEXI handknitted bags addressed?
To all females that want to look different, wear unique pieces and those who appreciate the handmade creations.

6.  Which creation you like most among all the ones you made so far?
My first MISS POLYPLEXI handknitted bag still remains my favorite one. It is a bag-statement, in black color with a beautiful handcrafted “bubbly” design, quite big in size and thus quite impressive.

7.  What should we expect from your Summer Collection ’17?
A great variety of beautiful designs as well as different types of bags such as shoulder bags, cross-body style, pouch bags, back packs and a limited edition of handmade summer bags suitable to carry all holiday essentials! MISS POLYPLEXI summer bags are made of waterproof yarn and also have a PVC layer in the inside to make them even more robust and water-resistant as well as very easy to clean from sand.
Moreover, this Summer Collection includes such a variety of models that come in bright colors inspired by the colors emerging from light diffraction. Thus, every woman can find the type and color of bag she likes the most.
8. How and where can we find the MISS POLYPLEXI handmade bags? 
At the moment, some models are available in some boutiques in Greece. However, all designs can be either found on the Facebook page of MISS POLYPLEXI or on Instagram @miss_poylyplexi.
For purchases, you can send me a direct message to arrange all details of the order as well as payment and delivery. Additionally, orders can be made over the phone on +306907800980 or via whatsapp using the same phone number.
9.  What are your future paln? 
To finish off the website where customers will be able to make on-line purchases very soon either from MISS POLYPLEXI Collections or order their custom-made bags.
In parallel, I am already working on the NEW Autumn-Winter Collection 2017/18 that includes new designs & styles as well as the use of new materials for impressive results on the finished models of bags!