1. Why you have interest about building career in modeling? 

Working in the modeling industry gives me a chance to travel around the world and experience new things. Modeling is an opportunity for me to do what I love and and what I found my passion in. When I first started with modeling I had problems with self confidence. Self confidence is one of the most important things for any successful career.

2. Have you attended modeling courses?

I have completed a make-up and walk course. I don`t do make-up nor am I interested in this sphere, but I am using what I have learned in the walk course. One must walk upright and never hunched over.

3. Why would you think you are fit to be a Model?      

I think that, because I can motivate people in taking on fitness, I can give them that impulse that they need. The fact that my brother started working out and I was the one who motivated him to do so is my greatest accomplishment. Couple years ago he laughed at me that all I do is working out. I knew what I was doing, and now he is grateful that I forced him to join a fitness center.

3. Which are your goals in modeling?                                                                                                                                              

My ambition in modeling is to create my own brand which will be known by people around the world. If i will be able to accomplish that I would also like to play in a movie. But in order to play in a movie i have to improve my English by at least 1000 % since I am a beginner.

4. What do you know about advertisment industry, advertising psychology and photography?   

I know one rule about marketing, the question is: “Is there a difference between a 50% discount or 1 item + 1 for free?”. This topic considers mainly online shopping. If you have an answer you can send it to marcoocoofie@azet.sk. I am learning about the psychology of advertisement from the best. From the Czech and Slovak market there are names like Ivo Toman or Tomáš Lukavec and internationally Robert Kiyosaki and Warren Buffet.

 5. How do you comunicate with people?  

At first I had a great difficulty to communicate with people because I suffer from a speech impediment, I have a stammer. It was even worse abroad . First time I have traveled I didn`t know any foreign language and I had to communicate mainly non verbally. After some time my English has improved but It is still difficult for me. I believe that during my prolonged stay abroad I can learn to speak English fluently.

6. Do you eat nutriously?  How often you do excercise or go to gym? 

I always try my best to eat healthy, but it isn`t always possible. A quality fitness diet is expensive in Slovakia. When I was abroad it was easier. I visit the gym 4 to 5 times a week.

7. What do You hope to accomplish at our agency Jay?   

My first goal is to promote the agency and to motivate other people to believe in themselves more and to try out life in the modeling industry. The second one is to together create a clothing brand which would represent our agency.

Modeling is an opportunity for me to do what I love: Marian kovac8. Do You have any limitations? Would You ever need to wear any kind odd modeling costume?                    

I don`t have any limits. Limits do not exist. There is only the fear from being slandered by other people. This is called envy. But there is also a good kind of envy, I will talk about it more on my webpage that is currently being made. I can present any kind of clothing, but I personally prefer elegance.

Modeling is an opportunity for me to do what I love: Marian kovac                                                                                                                                                                                        9. State your availability would you travel? Work fulltime, parttime, any hours?    

I don`t want to go back to Slovakia. I want to travel the world. I want to revisit countries I have already been to like Italy, India and countries I have never been to but I`d love to visit: China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Mexico, Spain, Brazil, Canada, Australia and later many more. At that time I want to be working in modeling full-time. In the future I want to work with the industry and not for the industry.