1. You are very established model with lot of experiences. Could you tell us something more about your modeling, dancing & acting career?

     Sure, I dance all my life trying different styles and always trying myself in something new. Modeling I done more as a hobby as after I finished modeling school I start to live in London and there I was too short for good modeling jobs, they required 180+, so at the beginning of my career I was mostly just dancing go go style, as that was so popular in London and other European cities.

This job allowed me to travel a lot – Finland, Norway, Sweden, Ireland, Iceland, France, Portugal, Canary Islands – all I travel because of dancing. Only when I came to Dubai – I’ve got success in modeling career too, as Middle East has value for beauty and ability to work. So I start to get offers for fashion shows, photoshoots and exhibitions. I didn’t forget my dancing skills and learned the art of bellydancing. I never thought I will act but once I was chosen for acting in a TVC by a pleasant surprise – so decided to look into acting more deep.

I took acting workshop with Hollywood A list actors trainer Michelle Danner, continue few years of acting courses with great acting teacher based in Dubai – Miranda Davidson (now she is the main casting director for all Hollywood movies that are shooting in Dubai) , and even done an interesting  course in comedy with  Christopher Biewer. This gave me ability to act in movies, TVC, TV Series, work as a presenter and MC.

2. You recently been on the cover of Luxury Russian magazine Silver Journal. How have that experience been for you?

     It was a really great experience – so proud to be on a cover of a such a glamorous and famous russian magazine – I’ve got fantastic results, meet amazing professionals and I fall in love with Moscow. Tatjana Tsaplina – is the chief editor for Silver magazine: beautiful, strong young lady and sweet personality at the same time. She done a great job and we became friends too.

3. What would you still like to accomplish in your modeling career?

     I was thinking to try myself in sports, maybe become a bikini model, as I always admire sporty girls and boys, but I know that I have to work on that really hard. So I need time for training and diets, and this is hard as I need to work and grow my 10 years old daughter.

4. What are your future plans? Any exciting projects in the near future?

     I might get an international fashion show project very soon, as I can manage models for different events and occasions easily – let’s hope so. And in a very far future I wanna open a little butique hotel, it is my little dream, but I didn’t decide in which country yet. I don’t know how I gonna get it yet, but I will !!!