1. Could you introduce yourself and your company?

  My name is Daniel Leithner, Founder and Personal Trainer of Dynamize Life, from Germany. Before I started working as a Personal Trainer, I was a professional basketball player in a First Division League Team and for Youth National Team. For the past 5 years I am working as a professional Personal Trainer (1,5 years in Dubai). The reason why I founded DynamizeLife recently is pretty simply.

I want to help people for a better and healthier life(style). From my experience in the past, people get into fitness training without any good basic movement package so that’s why we focus a lot on the proper technique before we start lifting any weights. My mentality is to help people in different situations (weight loss, rehabilitation etc.) because I love what I do, I love the challenge to reach that goal together in the shortest time possible

2. How does your daily routine & your fitness regime look like?
I mean basically I work 7 days a week but it never gets boring as everyone is different with individual goals and needs. My day usually starts at 5am with a shower and breakfast (oat flakes, blueberries and milk). After that I have some earl bird session until 10/11am. Right after the last workout I have a short snack to refuel my body for the upcoming personal workout.

At the moment I work a lot with heavy weights and complex exercises (squats, deadlifts, Bench Press etc.). It’s crucial to have a really good lunch meal afterwards and a short nap for approximately 30 min. Usually I do some personal stuff like grocery shopping or get some other stuff done but sometimes I just relax at the pool or beach. After the relaxing part I go back to work and help my clients to reach their next level during my evening sessions. My day ends by 10pm with some light food before going to bed so that I get at least 7 hours of sleep.

3. Is there any famous personality, blogger or model that you are training at the moment?
In Germany I worked with some professional basketball players during their off season to get ready for the new season. Currently I am working in Dubai with multi-awarded Beauty Queen, TV presenter & Blogger Lenka Josefiova ( check out her stunning Instagram profile @thetravellingbeautyqueen ).

We have started about 2 months ago and I can definitely see improvement in every single sessions. Sometimes it’s just a small improvement we are working on but all the small changes will end in her personal BIG goal. That’s the mindset behind DynamizeLife and my mentality. This is only on reason why I have chosen my personal hashtag on Instagram #dynamizeyourlife (check it out to get more impressions from our training methods, plus you are very welcome to use the #hashtag for any fitness posts you put on Instagram).

4. What are your future plans & goals?
I mean it’s always hard to say whats coming up in the future but I want DynamizeLife to stand for highly professional Training services. I want that people train with me/us because they appreciate our focus on every single detail and individual person. The biggest goal is/and will be to give our clients the best service they can get here in the Middle East.



5. Where can people ,interested into your company,  learn more about Personal Training?
They can check out our website www.dynamizelife.com. There you can check out everything we offer (1-1, 1-2 and group personal training). On the website you can contact me via contact box or just give me a call to discuss more details. If you are also interested in some facts or health advises check out our Instagram page: @dynamizelife. Sometimes we do Instagram challenges and give away free sessions and goodies to our followers. I enjoy having the direct connection to our followers and to learn about their goals and motivation. This makes DynamizeLife so real! Having the direct connection, offering a truly personalised and unique service and focusing solely on your fitness goals.