Pooja Bimrah, the ‘Face of India’

Pooja Bimrah, born and brought up in Bhopal, India. She studied in Carmel Convent School, BHEL, Bhopal and did her graduation from BSSS college in BCA. She is the daughter of Urvinder Bimrah (businessman) and Renu Bimrah (home-maker). She is also a certified image consultant and soft skill trainer by profession.

Recently she won the 1st runner up award among 40 countries in “Exquisite Face Of The Universe 2017” International Beauty Pageant in Ghana, Africa. Winner was Miss USA and 2nd runner up was Miss Pakistan.

She was announced Face Of India 2017 earlier this year by Annick Varuna of Varuna Pageant and Model Management based in Belgium. The world finale was on 16th September. Pooja was doing her project in Ghana to promote Indian culture and heritage and returned India 3 days back. She was also in Top 10 Best Talent out of 40 countries.

After the glorying victory she was invited by the Indian and Russian embassy high commission in Ghana to felicitate her along with other winners. Pooja also got the honor to meet the Ministry of Tourism, arts and culture, Hon. Catherine Afeku, to discuss about her projects to straighten the relationship between the two countries Ghana and India.She also got an honor to meet the First Lady of Ghana, Hon. Rebecca Akufo-Addo (Ghana President’s wife) to present and discuss about her projects to promote the tourism, arts and culture of India and Indian artisans in Ghana. And exchanging the cultures of two countries.

Pooja has represented India in 3 international pageants before,

1. Miss World Heritage 2015 in South Africa were she was 2nd runner up among 50 countries.

2. Miss World Tourism 2016 in China where she was in top 7 and won best talent among 60 countries.

3. World Supermodel 2017 in China which is World’s number 1 modelling contest, where she won Face of World Supermodel and Best International Face, Most Exotic Face and Brand Ambassador title among 50 countries.

She will be invited to China every year now as Indian Brand Ambassador to walk the red carpet and be the TV presenter for the pageant. Evelyn Addy Sackey, President Exquisite Face Of The Universe said, The judging was based on poised and attitude, eloquence, stage presence, your behaviour towards other countries, contestant’s support in all activities, contributions etc. 60% prejudging and 40% stage.

Pooja was in top 3 because she is Hard work, sociable and respectful to both contestant, organizers and anyone she came across. She is very friendly and pleasantry. The women empowerment and youth development is the heart of our organisation. Imparting knowledge and encouraging the young women to be encouraged and stand firm as entrepreneurs, future leaders and what have you, so our organisation will organisers seminars in schools and market places to empower women in Africa.

We will also support the save a child, save a mother project of the first lady. Investors can be part of the organisation by supporting our NGO under the African women empowerment and youth development. Also support the African child education.

Seth Osei nyarko (kwame ) Events director said, India was from day one a potential, she participated immensely in all the activities and proved her self in all the segments! So obviously she attained good scores from all the organisers and she proved herself on the night of the event ! Hence her emerging as the 1st runner up. India was practically different in terms of communication ! Her understanding and intelligence was outstanding. She’s well groomed and knew why she was in this contest. She is smart Beautiful Kind Selfle ss Hardworking.

Annick Eycken CEO of Varuna pageant & model management in Belgium who chose Pooja to represent India said, She is a very determined  girl , beauty and intelligent girl, she gave it her all. Pooja was friendly and helpful to all the girls, she belies in the brand and shows it also, she will do whatever it takes to promote the brand and for what it stands and that showed during bootcamp more then others contestants did.

I worked with her in the past when she competed at miss heritage global, for who i’m a regional director and i got to know her way of thinking and doing then , since we stayed in contact and I’ve been following her work and humanity deeds an activities, she knows the African culture and thought she would be the perfect candidate to represent India.