Nikita gokhale’s true confession Reported by saif Rahman sozib

Success anyhow, is the basic rule of our industry. It is no more an Indian film industry, it’s a global industry now. People from all over the world are coming to be a part of this industry or to create their identity in our industry.

Nothing is easy here and nothing is impossible too. This is what I feel when I look at myself. Being a small town girl. I never thought that I could be a part of this dream world.

And today I realize no matter whats ur height, skin colour, or if you are from any small town, no matter if you don’t have any Godfather.

The only thing matters here is your talent, self confidence, & how you chase your dream. I did the same. Chasing my dream.

I also committed lot of mistakes and learn from them the basic thing what am I not supposed to do. It was a tough journey. No industry background.

No money. And no one to support. But still I am here with my small identity. and now when I turn back I feel. I made it but when I see so many avenues I feel still long way to go.