Verve Rally Gala dinner 2017

Kiran Rai and his work partner Sheikh Salik attended the Verve Rally Gala dinner at the bloomsbury hotel while the former princess tessey attended the event. 

Verve Rally is a luxurious adventure travel experience with like-minded people, GT / Exotic / Supercars, beautiful roads and majestic locations. For the discerning yet easy-going individual, this translates into an experience that’s a whole lot of fun, amplified by the kindred spirits and long-lasting friendships that emerge.

Each Verve Rally is an infusion of the values we live by – fun, adventure and gratitude and it’s reshaping the traditional definitions of a car rally. This is not a race and it is not timed in any way. It’s a journey that celebrates driving and indulging in the world’s most atmospheric destinations.

In 2018, we’ve launched a brand-new 6 day route by popular demand. And this time, we’re taking it up a notch! For a short driving trip we don’t want to be limited by proximity to London, and we don’t want to drive more than 4-5 hours in a day, so instead we’re going to explore the roads, mountains and beaches of Spain, on a one-way trip. We catch an overnight luxury Brittany Ferry from Portsmouth to Santander. Soak up the beach in Santander before heading south on a hand-picked route from the North Coast of Spain to the East Coast in Valencia via Madrid and a number of stunning mountain ranges. Cars wil be transported back to London while we enjoy the delights of Ibiza, with optional extensions. Our flagship European Seven Country rally returns with a few updates to keep things fresh.