We want to bring people together through fashion, creativity and the innate desire to help others

The Arc En Ciel Interfashion show is a multicultural fashion production helping local and international designers connect with new audiences. Focus on clothing designes that touches the origine of the designers and enrich the cultural diversity of Canada. Our show also serves as a fundraiser for causes that are close to our hearts.

We want to bring people together through fashion creativity and the innate desire to help others

Arc-En-Ciel Interfashion inspired by Daniel Eji (Show Manager), myself (Show Manager), and Wilda Mazhar (Creative Director) which sadly had left our team for another opportunity. We knew we have a great network of entertainment business people who are eager to go public however not many opportunity in Ottawa.

Our event was conceived to attain a very simple goal: to help designers as well as the benefactors of the proceeds achieve their dreams.

Succeeding in the fashion industry is a challenge. It not only takes a considerable of amount time, energy, and resources to succeed, but it also requires access to channels leading the designers to potential followers and buyers. Many of these artists oftentimes struggle yet have so much creativity and talent to share with the world. We want to help them display their incredible creations at little to no cost.

We are also firm believers in the concept of cultural mediation. As our global community becomes increasingly interconnected and must work towards building a genuine understanding of each culture and find a common ground where true friendships can be created, the arts remain extraordinary gateways as they have been present in every community since the dawn of humanity.

The charitable causes we wish to support provide much needed funds to orphanages in developing countries. Like the artists we wish to encourage, these children also have many aspirations, but oftentimes find themselves in situations where their very basic needs are not met. They must also overcome social and psychological issues stemming from their situation. By raising money for these children, we hope to bring them one step closer to leading fulfilling lives and reaching their goals.

We are excited to launch our second edition of the Arc En Ciel Interfashion show and we look forward to seeing you there.

Attached are pictures from our last show and the event organizers.

By Saif Rahman Sozib