Being invited at the “Live Out Loud” Charity Fashion Show : Anjana Misra

Being invited at the Live Out Loud Charity Fashion Show in Chicago was a big honor for me. The show was held on 19th November at The Palmer House Hilton by Ms. Illinois America 2018 Sherrie Gearheart. I had always wanted to be a part of it and my dear friend Sherrie made that possible.

My collection was called “Envisager L’art” which was inspired by art. There was a range of hand printed dresses, embellishments and very intricate details. The collection encourages the creativity in ourselves and what we are capable of doing. There is no end to creativity and this is just the beginning.

When Sherrie Gearheart invited me to present my collection at the show, I was thrilled. I feel this organization is doing really well by helping people deal with various issues. Some of the models who walked at the show were normal people who are part of this organization or are victims in some ways giving courage to others and inspiring them.

It was a great life experience for me and an achievement to cherish all my life.

Photo Credits: Alex Callejo

Videos by: Kathleen Mosley

By Saif Rahman Sozib