Martina Stetiarova, trusted name of world runway of fashion

Martina Stetiarova, trusted name of world runway of fashion as a supermodel, she recently attained fashion week, India wearing Mona Al Monsouri’s dress. She looked looked like princess. She is also involved in slovak model agency JAY under manager Ivana Jay Sojkova. Her exclusive interview for New york based Daily Mail 24. Her conversation with fashion reporter Saif Rahman sozib are as follows;

1. What is that one thing that you wanted to do since childhood but still remains unfulfilled?

Since I left the school I worked hard to achieve my dreams, most of them is now fulfilled, but the one – on the top shelf is to be a one of the angel’s of Victoria’s Secret. Maybe one day, but for now the sky is the limit.

2. If you could change one event in the history of mankind, What would that be and why?

I believe things happen for a reason. Obviously there is many things from history if I had that power I would change it, but in general I would change the way some people think. In today’s day&age many people in leading positions is materialistically orientated, which isn’t helping the society.

3. What’s the best way to spent a Sunday afternoon?

Beach, sun, sea.

4. Who is your favourite designer & why?

Have few favourite designers but closest to my style is Elizabetta Franchi. Her style represents me. If I would be a designer, this is the way I would go.

5. What’s your idea of a perfect night out?

First thing crossed my mind on your question is Ibiza, few good friends, few drinks and watching sunrise.

6. What’s best chat-up line you’ve heard?

I think there is something wrong with my phone. Could you try calling it for me to see if it rings? Or – Hi, I’m doing a survey… What’s your name? What’s your phone number? Are you free next Saturday? I’ve heard them a lot

7. Is it true that personality is more important than proportion in modeling right now?

Personality is obviously a key part of modeling but definitely not more important than proportion. However every designer has specific requirements so in some cases it may be possible.

8. What’s most important to you now?

Most important to me now is to have loyal friends. Friends that you know they are behind you all the time, not only in the lights of cameras.

9. You do make a fortune, so isn’t money important?

Of course they are important, but to some extend. If you won’t allow money to drive you, you are on the safe ground and you will enjoy your life.

10. Do you ever get paranoid about your appearance?

Attractiveness is nothing to do with looking like you belong in a fashion magazine, it’s accepting yourself and wearing clothes or make up or hair in a way that appeals to you individually, if you’re wearing things that don’t feel right to you, you won’t be comfortable with the way you look.