I am just a guy who is passionate about Photography: Nahian Nasif

1. How do you find your subject to a perfect shoot?

I’m just a guy who is passionate about photography, a photographer, Trying to keep life simple, a few rolls of film at a time. While photographing I see everything in lines and shapes. I try to balance my subject with the surroundings and try to pull out a different picture than other people see. Playing with lights and shaping it my way is the fun part for me.

2. Which photographers influenced you & your career path?

It’s been 4 years I’ve been working so I’m new in this Fashion industry. If you ask me how did I get into fashion photography then you must know about how I get my inspirations and they are Giampaolo Sgura, Kai Z feng, Mario Testino, Terry Richardson and Russell James. I’ve always had dreams of becoming one of them but a better one in my career path.

3. What it is your opinion about your own photography? 

Well, my photos carry different types of story, emotion and personality. Sometimes I put some social, political, ethical message in my photos but there’s always a secret pattern of my own style which I put in every photos I take. so its not always about the photographs or contents, It speaks a lot about me and the subject.

4. What was your career path? 

I’m studying HRM and Marketing, as I’m more into knowing people and how to reach people so these subjects are for me. Photography was always a hobby to me but since i got more response and got more inspired, I started doing Fashion Photography as a part time career beside my studies. If I get International response I might take it as full time.

5. What technology/software/camera gear in you photograph? 

Technologies will upgrade everyday. what I think is the mind matters more than the machine does. If I cant express my photographs properly then these machines are useless but yes for Fashion Photography, good light setup, quality cameras and lenses are obviously important.

6. How do you get paid for your work? 

I work with both agencies and direct clients. My payment method depends on clients demand. I do not have any fixed pricing manner for my art works

7. What type of photographs motivates you, economically, politically, intellectually or emotionally? 

So far, this is a mystery for me to get a satisfactory answer it always seems out of reach to me about how keep myself motivated and focused but I feel as if I am searching for something unknown along my photographic journey; that the journey has some kind of purpose.

Many people will not understand and some might think me odd. However, I think it is very normal.I feel that most people search for answers in life. Some find it in religion or philosophy, some in the act of helping others. I find it through my photographs.