Smile is the best makeup & personality: Maja Curavic

Here is my info, my name is Maja Curavic, I am 36 Years old math teacher, and mother Of 11 Years old daughter Angelina. I was born and raised in Croatia, in small touristic town Šibenik on Adriatic coast. From there my temperament and need to accomplished something more them what my parents have planed for me, took me first to Zagreb when I got my diploma Of math teacher, and aerobic instructor, and then for modeling in New York and Las Vegas that was in my twenties.

If I would do only that in my life , I would now be just as any ordinary mother in late 30 ties with steady job, and my life wouldn’t be so interesting. But as my daughter says when she needs to write her homework about role models in her life, her role model Are Selena Gomez and me She says – when my mother comes from school job, her modeling and marketing job and Fitness trainer job begins. Every afternoon If i am not on my laptop organising events for weekend ahead, then i am in gym working on my body to be able to still stand shoulder to shoulder with models exact half Of my age they Are 18, and me 36 while working as cover model for Kik textilien ( German company that i work for 5 Years already and helped them OPEN over 60 stores in my country).

I was 1 runner up in Mrs Multiverse pageant 2013 in Dominican republic, and top 10 in Mrs Globe Pageant 2007 in California USA. I was Born April 20. 1980 in Sibenik Croatia ( small town on Adriatic coast ) and graduated  – teachers academY ( Math ) in Zagreb university- Croatia. I am also certified aerobic instructor.

Beside anchoring beauty pageants i was also attained in several world beauty pageants for Married Woman. Mrs Globe 2007 in Palm spring California when i was in top 10 and won smile makeover in Las Vegas, and then 3 years ago in Dominican Republic for Mrs Multiverse representing my country Croatia, and was 1 runner up.

When i Look at ALL the modeling job i did so far, i am realising that the older i am Getting i am becoming more Expert for modeling in Food industry since i am also working in that field now, and although most models think that IT is only fashion and cosmetics… Food industry modeling If great field where even as you GET older as model you can still do so Many Years Of modeling. Specially If you Are also anchor, great speaker and fluent in several languages. I LIKE my school job as math teacher, and my students that i work with every day. But i have to admit, IT was my fathers plan for me what i should do in life. but i LOVE my modeling , anchoring and marketing business Because IT is so exciting, every time you meet New People, you need to Look great, and do your Best, Because If you Are not on the top and constantly working on empowering you looks and skills, and connections in this business, time will run you Down. New models and faces Are constantly coming, but there is thing called experience, reliability, knowledge, and responsibility that makes difference between amateur and Real Professional model that is holding on for Years in this business, and still being able to do her steady job as math teacher, and raising my daughter. i love my late 30 ties Because i finally know WHO and what i am , while lots Of young girls Are still searching for them self.

My advise to ALL young models would be, always smile, IT is the best makeup and personality that Everybody like, work on improving your self from inside and outside in field that you want to become recognised in, and be responsible. Help others, positive energy is circulating around. Work hard, and be persistent in achieving your goals, and one day ALL those People that Were putting you Down And telling you that you can’t become Well known model and business Woman will read about you in news and brag around how they know you.

By Saif Rahman Sozib