Creativity is a result of pure intention: The Theatre Club & Lounge

The Theatre Club & Lounge is a unique concept brought to you by L & L Hospitality & Aviation Pvt Ltd. Creativity is not an accident. It is a result of pure intention, creative art direction, and skillful execution. It represents the wise choice of many.

TTCL is the brainchild of Mr. J S Walia who genuinely believes in this philosophy. And hence TTCL is the first of it’s kind to offer 3 avant-garde experiences under one roof. The only place where you can experience a theatre with Dolby surrounds sound for screening, a lounge bar for the high spirited and a club for all those who believe life is a party!

TTCL is the first place to promote Bollywood and regional films by screening its trailers and music albums making it a celebrity hotspot. You never know you might be dining with your favorite superstar! Now that’s something special.

The thematic decor is inspired by Art Nouveau, Gothic and Victorian architecture. The place is designed wisely and is a visual treat, as it comes straight out of a fairy tale. Space engulfs you with its warmth and highly artistic installations right from the point you enter. Not to mention the Owl who receives you at the main door.

The experience doesn’t end here. Mouth-watering food, irresistible drinks, and sinful desserts await you. Life is a drama. And we all have to play our part!