I do several sculptures around the world: Younes  Boutrif

I, Younes  Boutrif, am an Algerian sculptor and I do painting and mosaic for 40 years. I use all the rocks of our Creator in this world. I am gifted with God I start carving very early the age of 12 and I do several sculptures around the world just to be happy with the world and even basalt and granite and marble.

I used the chisel and the hammer. Me, in my opinion, I like sculptures and tasting and I like love and fidelity and travel and also. I have a family I work I make a living with sculpture and painting and mosaic I work and now I have several years that I work this work. I work for the family and for the other people I love and you know that in our city in Algeria we are Muslims we work all things of our human creation. The first of the things I’m looking for rock in the mountains and I bring the rock back to the workshop and I start to observe the rock how to do the sculpture in modern art or contemporary art dear friend just with the desk and the hammer and I think with the green paper I put chemicals for shine and I do my work as I want dear faithful friend.

This work is the light to us all I used the one year to know humans who are know what does it mean the light that runs through the universe and comes to the grave of our of our choice foot and I am crossing this stone by the imagination a great imagination by modern art.