Nikhil Anand to host international pageants in India

Nikhil Anand is an entrepreneur who started his company Glamanand in the year 2013. The guy from a small town Darbhanga, Bihar started his company and it took very less time to get popular as he acquired two of the major beauty pageant franchise Miss Earth and Miss International in 2015. He became the youngest national director at the age of 21. Nikhil is also the national director of various other international pageants.

He established Glamanand Supermodel India as the national preliminary to Miss International, Miss Earth, Miss Tourism and other international pageants. Gladman and Supermodel India became one of the top 3 Pageants in India which sends girls to Big 4 Pageants. Femina Miss India and Miss Diva are the other two.

Adding to the national pageant Nikhil Anand also launched Miss Teen India which will send representatives to Miss Teen International, Miss Teen Continents, and other international teen pageants. Miss Teen India will be a big platform for the teenage girls in India to win the prestigious title and the crown.

Nikhil Anand acquired Miss Teen International in 2016 which was previously owned by Enrique Gonzalez of Costa Rica. Miss Teen International is the oldest running teen pageant in the world and is the biggest teen pageant for Teenage girls. Nikhil Anand will be conducting the 24th edition of Miss Teen International in 2018. The pageant is expected to commence in September 2018 in New Delhi, India. Miss Teen International is expected to have around 50 delegates in 2018 and the pageant will be live telecast across the world.

Nikhil Anand also acquired Miss Multinational pageant even before the first edition could be held in the Philippines and will be holding the first edition of Miss Multinational in February 2018. Nikhil has the vision to make Miss Multinational one of the biggest pageant in the world. Nikhil came with an idea to add continental titles to Miss Multinational such as Miss Multinational Asia, Miss Multinational Europe etc. It will definitely add value to the pageant and will give more opportunities to the girls to get a recognition winning the continental titles.