Invisibility is one of the main sources of inspiration for Gian

Invisibility is one of the main sources of inspiration for Gian. It is her ongoing pursuit to capture and visualize the intangible forces and abstract concepts. She employs a diverse range of medium that includes painting, drawing, photography and installation, performance and sculpture.

Her latest series of work visualizes the movement of wind and water.  This body of work employs a staining and pouring technique on her painting to create organic and ambiguous forms. The apparent accidental forms are in fact a delicate balance of controlled pouring method and automatism. On one hand, Gian adopts a methodical and intentional placement of paint to the canvas, but on the other, she relinquishes her control and allows her intuition and the forces of nature to take control of the movement of the paint.

Parts of this series also include work that directly uses natural elements such as the wind and water. The process of working with such uncontrollable forces allowed her to learn to embrace freedom and relinquish control. This also allows her to explore different forms of art to discover and to better understand the natural forces in their world.

The visual impacts of these indefinite and ambiguous works are intended to stimulate an emotional response from the viewers because she believes that abstract forms can resonate with the subconscious mind of the audience. This is her ongoing exploration that art engages in an active relationship with the audience by the process of developing emotional links between the two. This forms the core concept that art cannot exist without the presence of a conscious spirit.

Gian was born in Seoul in 1987 and educated at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. In 2014 she became the adjunct professor in Hanyang University until 2017 and in mid-2017, she became the adjunct professor of The National University of Changwon.