‘Fashion designer’s tragedy used to inspire & heal others’

Prana Maker is a major fashion collection located in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Sherrie Gearheart, Ms. Illinois America 2018, invited Natalia Marie, the creator of PranaMaker to showcase in the 8th Annual International Fashion Show held at the historic Palmer House in downtown Chicago.

Natalie Marie was delighted to showcase in the event and join the international stage with high-end designers such as Anjana Misra from India, Wafaa Lahlah from Paris, and other notable fashion icons in the industry.

This event raised funds and awareness for Live Out Loud Charity, a nonprofit focused on the prevention of suicide, anti-bullying, and core character development. Natalia Marie knew this was the perfect stage to showcase her collection because PranaMaker evolved as her personal art movement therapy project as she strove to manage her PTSD from being raised by two pedophiles, one of whom is a convicted killer.


Late in her 20’s, she revisited dress-up via wrapped textiles and photography as tools of empowerment, after managing a prominent yoga clothing store that only promoted slim ninja silhouettes. It was also at this time that Natalia was seeking to soothe her sisters’ angst about being differently sized than her and not being able to share her closet… she decided to bring versatility to the industry, and create multipurpose pieces of wearable art, something that would invite more people with different body types to celebrate being in their bodies.

The shows that Sherrie Gearheart, the president and founder of Live Out Loud Charity, produce have models of all sizes, heights, ages, and ethnic backgrounds. Natalie Marie’s mission fits perfectly into the LOLC mission of the empowerment of teens, women, and men to truly love who they are and the way they were born. She celebrated your high-end fashion models down to your curvy models. Natalie Marie designs for everyone.