AD100 magazine launch in Mumbai

One among the AD100 winners at the Grand Hyatt in Mumbai Kiran Rai who Almosts covers everything was the host of the evening at the AD100 doing behind the scenes and here’s what he found out! under ‘The Emerging’ category is Ravi Vazirani.

Photography: PHX India/Sebastian Zachariah
ava studio | New Delhi | Alina Vadera
Philosophy: “We believe in creating evocative spaces through a narrative driven by functionality, clever creative solutions, and aesthetics.”

Current Projects: A weekend home in New Delhi; a home in Jaipur; Park Hotel suites in Chennai; a retail space at DLF The Chanakya, in Delhi.

Collaboration: With The Rebel Agency, a London-based creative consultancy on a restaurant project in New Delhi.

Recent Discovery: “The home of the late Jean-François Fichot, a renowned jewelry designer, in Ubud, Bali.”

Philosophy: “We are constantly trying to merge frantic, sometimes banal projects that provide the opportunity to test out premises with our search for a long-term consistent vision.”

Project in Focus: The 10,000-square-foot Odyssey Art Gallery in Mumbai features rotating and revolving cuboids that lend the space versatility, blurring the boundary between diverse forms of art.

Trending 2018: “Spatially dynamic designs will be strong—where things are not fixed; like the volatility of life, spaces will be subject to change.”

AD100 winner under the category ‘The Emerging’: Urban Studio. Photographer: PHX India / Sebastian Zachariah

Ravi Vazirani Design Studio | Mumbai

Project in Focus: An art-filled residence in The Imperial towers in South Mumbai is typical of Vazirani’s new sophisticated aesthetic, mixing retro-referencing furniture with antique carpets, concrete finishes and–always–a sprinkling of lush plants.

Current Projects: An Atmosphere store in Dubai; homes around the country; cafes and bars in Mumbai and Pune.

Trending 2018: “Given the current political scenario and unrest, I predict design will become warmer—warm palettes, fewer greys, calm spaces,” says Vazirani.


By Kiran Rai