Mayor Sadiq Khan and Kiran Rai talk at Vaisakhi Day

Trafalgar Square became a beacon of culture as it celebrated Vaisakhi in a combination of Sikh and Punjabi tradition and culture and Kiran Rai presents at Trafalgar Square celebrations and talks to Sadiq Khan about the importance of Vaisakhi.

The event, coordinated by a Sikh group, is a celebration of heritage and culture on the anniversary of Khalsa being founded in 1699.

The Khalsa was founded and led by the Five Beloved Ones, who sought to protect Sikhism which suffered oppression after it was born in 1469.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, was in attendance at the event in London’s central hub, which boasted stalls highlighting Sikh culture.

A choir of schoolchildren performed during the celebrations in the capital, alongside stands where traditional Indian tea, called Langar, could be purchased, alongside one of the largest Sikh art exhibitions in the country.

Men dressed in traditional uniform of the 15th Ludhiana Sikh Regiment were pictured celebrating the holiest day of the religion’s calendar.

By Kiran Rai