My signature design statement is simple: Rumana Chowdhury

To me, fashion means creativity. An approach to perfection! We all know more or less about which clothes make us look prettier but to make us look outstanding, we need to undergo the term called fashion. We, the artists think that fashion is the outburst of the personality, attitude and also the beliefs that we have deep inside of us!

I believe in the availability of quality standards. I design my clothes in a way that they easily set a trend but I am always aware of the fact that these trends will never surpass the ability of people! I just want the people around to be the trendsetter wearing my clothes.

My signature design statement is simple. Combination of elegance with comfort. I am an artist and fashion is my canvas. And I create a classy statement on it using the lines of comfortability and casualty.

As of it’s the Season’s special, definitely, I have kept the touch of festivity and celebration on my clothes. And as its Eid, the biggest event in our country, my clothes are designed to reflect every aspect of this celebration. The Eid 2018 collection of mine is dedicated to the people who want themselves to look elegant, prettier, merrier but don’t want to get sweated by the overload of thick layers of clothes!

My collection is unique this year in a sense that I have used colors and themes this time, I have combined shades, experimented with contrast colors; I have used different types of materials to bring the look of ethnic hi-end fashion. It means that the clothes carry ethnic value, but are not overdone. Chicky, stylish patterns combined with the traditional look of a female. As well as heart-piercing, smart throwbacks for males. And yes, it’s for everyone: from teenager to senior citizen. I have dedicated my collection to all. And of course, the fabrics are also the comfortable ones.