I have always been passionate about fashion clothes: LP Lucian Popescu

1. Daily Mail 24 Magazine is super excited to interview amazing designer.

Yes, you are right I’m also excited.

2. Hello thank you for taking the time to interview with  Daily Mail 24 Magazine, How are you doing? 

Thank you I’m fine this is your kindness to give me a time to have an interview.

3. Please tell us about your brand.

My brand (LP Lucian Popescu) is my name and I would like to develop my brand into the world every one to knows my brand since 2017 I started my fashion designing.

4. What are your greatest achievements as a designer?

My greatest achievements as a designer to bring a fashion in this world.

5. Who are your clients?

It is a clientele that has been rejuvenated from year to year and who dressed to a great extent no longer by obligation or by means but by taste. TODAY 80% of people can easily get dressed in ready to wear. Unlike our historical clientele, this clientele, whose average age is around 40 years old, only orders us a few pieces a year, but a lot of progress has been made in terms of dress education and requirements. We even have passionate young men in their thirties who are making their first costume. Great measure Chef us because they seek very early to forge a personal style.

6. How would you describe your designs?

I can describe my design by technology like Facebook, Instagram, photo shooting, or runway show by magazine etc.

7. What fabrics do you like to work with?

Pour le costume Laine 120’s (100% line) (France- Italie) ça dépend de stock client issue

8. Where do you draw an inspiration for your designs?

Everywhere on paper or on my mind always I’m drawing a design.

9. Please, tell us about your favorite design.

A suit is built from the shoulders. This means that the fall of a suit depends on the structuring of the shoulders. If the shoulders are well built, the rest follows. To take measurements, we start with the upper body: first the neck, then the shoulders, chest, arms, back, and waist.

10. Which other designs are you proud of?

Maybe but I really don’t know but my friends are proud of me they are like my all design.

11. What inspired you to become a designer?

I have always been passionate about fashion clothes I’m lucky to be in the middle of fashion as a model video photo I start notes all the details that I saw in this experience I started studying the history of fashion and clothing exile Peaky Blinders movie with their elegant style always with graded, etc.

12. How did your work evolve since you started?

I guess 40% I’m not too famous but I would like to become famous like jean paul Gautier or channel.

13. What advice would you give to aspiring your designers?

I advise to my design to have the best quality.

14. What have major fashion shows you showcased?

At the moment I didn’t have any show but I will promise I will have the best fashion week in the future

15. What celebrities have you designed for so far?

I didn’t design for celebrities Model but I designed for my friends they are best models. and then we had a great shooting in Paris I start with all the models (model H) who’s participated in the international competition Mister elegance 2017. Hugo Diaz, Christian Bende, Davoud Beig, Kezia Konte, Lucas Arriola.

16. Do you have a physical store?

For the moment we do not rent a pop-up store Local commercial (Paris) Vincennes 94300 for sale

17. Where can our readers learn more about your designs?

Everywhere on magazine facebook Instagram journal.



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