Free a Girl is an international organization with offices in Amsterdam, Mumbai, and Singapore dedicated to free girls and women from forced prostitution, providing them with shelter and prosecuting offenders. In the past 10 years, we have contributed to the liberation of 4.151 girls from brothels in Asia alone as well as support their rehabilitation and reintegration into society.

More information about Free a Girl: Lock me Up – Free a Girl is an annual successful event. During this event Free, a Girl locks up celebrities in cages of 1 by 2 meters for 12 hours. The Lock me Up cages are symbolic of the cages existing in the brothels in India, where girls are held hostage and are forced into prostitution. Free a Girl wants to raise as much awareness as possible about this problem and the horrific situation of girls and women worldwide.

What Free a Girl also does, apart from rescuing girls from brothels, we educate survivors to become lawyers and public offenders to fight the impunity in their own country.

To empower them, to give them a voice. Mallika is also an ambassador of this programme. Watch this short and fantastic video presenting the great work of our award-winning programmes: School for Justice Free a Girl ambassador, Mallika Sherawat, will be Locked up for one hour in a small cage of 1 by 2 meter. Donate: