Show to the world what we can do: Angela Andreyevskaya

1. What does it mean for you work “National Director”?

For me, it is, first of all, to take care of my contesters and grown up in the strong personalities to win. As it is a world of big conquer. But also to make them happy on the stage to feel the moment. It is a great memory for all their lives.

2. As we know you got an award as best National Director of the world 2017, 2018. What did you do for that?

Really did not even think of that just was working hard. And it was a big surprise for me when I heard my country and my name. It was really pleasing that professional people who are working in this business for 20 years decide to give me an award. It is just proved me that I am doing right work and I am in my place.

3. How you become National Director of Ukraine?

I really think that I am opened by Svitlana Shopova as she convinced me to come to her contest as National Director not as a producer. I think she has that great experience and a talent to find the right people. She showed me how to work and she is a Great teacher! Very strong woman she is! Her Contest Future Fashion Faces gave me understanding what does it mean to be diplomatically smart and strong and how to follow your target to make winners from your contesters.

4. How many winners you have right now in your agency during your first year of working?

Well… I`ve just came back from the last contest Festival Model and Tallent and brought Grand Prix Supreme ( Mark Bobyk), Europe ( Illia Arat), Winner ( Ulian Arat) – I have also Miss Europe Continental Belarus – Julia Hotsak – Fashion Fututre Faces – Grand Prix Supreme ( Nazarii Omelchenko), Europe ( Katrin Synenka), Winner ( Olha Kusko) – 1 ru Miss Summer World 2017 – Katrin Synenka – 7 Titled models for this year.

5. What is your plan for the future year?

– My plan is to develop Ukraine and Lviv and show to the world what we can do – Right now we are responsible about very big international project that we still keep in secret – But I ‘ve got a super professional people to do that – My right hand and Left hand Is Katrin Synenka and Oleksiy Plishchuk – We are going to surprise you soon.