BSL’s Joyful Rally Held at JnU

BSL of Jagannath University (JnU) branch organized a joy procession as Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina was awarded the prestigious DLitt (Doctor of Literature)  Degree by Kazi Nazrul Islam University of West Bengal, India.

At 1 pm on Monday, Joy procession started from Shaheed Minar of University, and after completing a full-fledged campus of Science Building, VC Chattar, Arts Building and they met at a short rally at Shaheed Minar.

BSL of Jagannath University branch,  General Secretary Sheikh Zainul Abedin Rasel said, “We are delighted that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina was awarded the Honorable Degree of Kazi Nazrul Islam University in West Bengal, India”.

He also said Prime Minister brought such a number of degrees to the country. Prime Minister’s Honor means honor of Bangladesh. On the contrary, Khaleda Zia could not bring honor from anywhere but in the opposite, she turned Bangladesh into corruption. We hope that the people will be able to vote for the Prime Minister, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina by selecting again to build a better Bangladesh.

Minar Al Hasan | JnU correspondent