Prestige production made for me many contracts: Olga Tregubova

I started to paint just 3 years ago when I was 46 years old. I never study the drawing and never did it before. one day my son asked me to help him with his painting, and I did, but just with the finger. After that, I sent picture to my friends and they said WAU.

I have laughed, but it was a start. Next day I went to Jumbo Shop to buy some colors and canvas and try again. I enjoyed it too much and started work every day without any thinking I am good or not.after 2 months I had the first exhibition, where people gave me to much energy to do more because they like too much my work.


After 3 months I had again exhibition in Cyprus, after one year work every day from morning until evening.. last year I Took part in Russian-Cyprus Festival, where took the second place of people choice .again become too much energy to go up, September 2017 I went to Vienna where was big exhibition in Ringstraben Gallery and after what started my trips abroad. I met Stavroulla from Prestige production. It was a fateful meeting.

Stavroulla asked me to give paintings for the fashion show to Tuch the models on a podium, I sad maybe will be better if I paint straight on dresses. It was great Idea. First I afraid to make a damaging for the dresses, but after found solution what colors and what technique to use. I liked too much to change the dresses for my style and painted all my Garderobe.

Our first trip was to Athens and show was unbelievable successful, the people didn’t leave the models to go, they made photo 2 hours after the show. I was very happy. Between Athens and Cannes, we had charity show in Odyssea Kapetanius hotel in Limassol, after they invited me to take part in Cannes.

In Cannes was very good time. We work a lot, but results was great. One day we went with models on Cruasett And all people from the street followed us. It was fantastic. Prestige production made for me many contracts. Big thanks for everything that they did for me.I met to many interesting people and closed to many contracts for further cooperation.. thanks Got he present for me the golden hands, I enjoy too much my job, hope people could see it on My pictures and dresses and thanks for all people for their love.I am very happy.

My future plans to do my owner’s collection with real painting on dresses and after to make a big fashion show to show People around the world something different on the history of moda.