‘Art & Fashion, Stand out to be Limitless’

Special conversation Daily Mail24 with Delhi based artist Anamika Misra

All in all you’re just another brink in the wall!!! I hope most of you are aware of this song by Pink Floyd. This statement practically changed my whole life and the way I perceive things! I never wanted to be a Fashion Designer. When anyone asked me what I wanted to be in life. I said I don’t know, but I don’t want to be another brick in the wall.


I have a diverse background in my career. I am a professional video game developer, a self-taught fine artist, a graphic designer and a fashion enthusiast. Over the years I have learned how to keep all these skills in sync with each other.


I learnt about fashion from my mother as she is an incredible designer with over 15 years of experience and runs her own brand by the name of Anjana Misra. Watching her tremendous work is a motivation, inspiration and a blessing. Her creativity has many fold influences on my since my childhood and I believe what we sense and experience at home finds a way to our lives, somehow or the other.


In my growing up years, my fascination was more towards creative careers and not conventional careers. At the age of 7, I was drawn towards video games playing Mario and Contra which eventually shaped into a career option for me.


A Girl as game Developer was a new phenomenon at that time and I was questioned of such interests everywhere – school, friends, society etc. but I was determined in my heart to something with this passion and I became a pro-gamer. Despite of all the influences and options, the career path I choose was in its early stage of the industry segment development, because:


The Gaming industry was under developed during my time. Finding assignments and scalable career opportunities was in a nascent stage


So, I thought of taking my creative skills in alternative ways i.e. focusing on my mother’s fashion business instead, which I am so proud of today and the career switch I made.


There were some important things that I learnt in a short span. I was natural at creative thinking! I could visualise, conceptualise and create products. I aspired to create things that can be seen as a unique product and bring a change in the industry.


Also, my talent wasn’t limited to just fashion, I discovered how I could use my fine art skills to create textiles and turn my art into fashion. Being technology driven, I could think how Fashion can be used to bring a change in the global industry and create new ways of employment.


I feel each one of us have been sent on this earth with a survival kit, which consists of some skill sets that make us unique. Each one of us have it, we just need to identify the things that we are naturally good at. Why do you concern yourself with what others think about you?


You are a unique, gifted, and special individual. That is a fact. Now let that be your starting point. By learning to doing something unique doesn’t mean you get the rarest of rarest careers. Unique means you create something extraordinary using the simplest things, which can eventually solve problems. The fashion industry is hard to crack until you have a product that stands out from the rest.


What helped me create a unique product was:

Knowledge in diverse fields, in different cultures, concepts and keeping up with the new age developments (technology, trends, successes, failures etc.)
Finding my creativity trigger – Everyone, even if they do not know it yet, have an inspiration trigger – something that sparks their imagination to create and innovate. If we do not know what our trigger is, we must make every effort to find it.


Exercising my imagination – Creativity and innovation stem from our ability to imagine (visualize), and that is the first and most crucial step. I visualized my concepts, sketched it out, and made blue prints and even graphical representations. I always engrossed in my concepts because it helped me come up with better ideas and improvisations.

Finding my active time – We cannot be productive all the time but there is a time every day when our brain is highly active. That’s when I have done the most important steps visualisation and conceptualization.

I have learned that talent alone can’t get you anywhere – it has to be combined with hard work, discipline, dedication, practice and choices e make. I have had to give minimum 12 hours each day to learning and honing my skills. And I still do! If I have other commitments, I have made it mandatory goal to myself, to give at least an hour to working on my skills each day.

Believing in my product – Once the product is ready you’ll find all sorts of support but the process of creating that product is the challenging part. Everyone will tell you that it won’t work out, but they don’t see what you see. They do not know how you are trying to solve a problem by bringing this product in the industry.  I believe, building a product is a part of your own imagination and emotions, when expressed through creativity, must narrate a compelling story.

Importance of standing out from the crowd and how it has helped me increase the life span of my career.

Fashion – I filled the loop holes in life i.e. not having professional training in fashion, art and design by creating unique products which caught the interest and attention of people around the globe. My debut collection for Anjana Misra was awarded in Paris because of its distinctiveness and intricate details.

Art – Often I have been asked as to why I don’t use oil colors and acrylics colors as my mediums. Water colors are the most basic form of paints that are given to us as kids and it is the most undervalued product. I’ve used the simplest elements to create extraordinary pieces of work. I think I’ve sold at least 15 copies of my very first painting.

Fashion x Art – 

Over the years, art and fashion have enjoyed a rich relationship, lets take a look at some of the examples:

Yves St Laurent’s famed 1965 shift dress, replicating Piet Mondrian’s renowned primary-coloured block print.

Versace’s 1991 collection with silk-screened portraits of Marilyn Monroe and James Dean.

John Galliano’s spring 2017 collection in collaboration with artist Benjamin Shine.

My collaboration with myself in 2017 spring.

Combining and exploring two different cultural fields, enhancing it with the use of software’s and using technology  to creation of  unique product results in expansion of market and varieties of products.

There is still a long way to go and a lot to learn but the 5 big lessons of my journey so far has been:

Professional Training – Although not getting a professional training made me work harder towards achieving my goals, I feel I could have got better opportunities, better experience by placement cell and better exposure. Education is important to craft your skills and structure your own thoughts.

Not digging deep into market statistics, ended up struggling with sales of products that were not suited for a certain market. Very important to know your market, audiences, pitfalls and pricing.

Business Development skills are as important as being creative, because at the end we want to make money out of our product. Limited understanding of legal IPR is also important here as it helps in creating value for your ideas.

Being an expert in one field is not enough, it’s a competitive world and it demands more out an individual. What is important is that one must have a Core Skill and rest can be secondary skills.

Not realising your self-worth at the right time will cause delay in self-growth as well as career. One must never underestimate the power of imagination and belief in one’s own self. In today’s era, any thing on the internet has a global reach, global audiences and can be replicated fairly quickly. So protect & own your creative ideas and work, live your dreams.

I’ll be happy to answer your queries if you have any. You can reach me out at

Email ID – [email protected]

Instagram – @artbyanamika , @anjanamisraofficial

Website – www.anjanamisra.com




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