JnU BCL President Distributed Anti-drug Leaflets

President of JnU BCL Tariqul Islam distributed leaflets for creating awareness against drug addiction. On Thursday afternoon, the second-day’ awareness will bring us freedom; Let’s fight, against of the drug, ‘distributed leaflets in this title.

The Central Mosque of the university started distributing leaflets including Shakhari Bazar, Raisaheb Bazar, and Judge Court area of Old Dhaka. BCL president Tariqul Islam said that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has declared war against drugs. Due to the erosion of drug addiction, especially youth groups are being destroyed.

It is possible to get rid of the drug if it can create public awareness by spreading awareness of the harmful drugs or harmful aspects of drugs and our actions. It is possible to eliminate drugs from society in small efforts of every person of the society.


Minar Al Hasan | JnU correspondent



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