About 1862 crore 98 lakhs tk project for JnU new campus

The University Authority has submitted a Development Project Proposal (DPP) for the acquisition and development of the second campus or new campus of Jagannath University (JnU). In this, the cost of land acquisition and land development 1862 crore 98 lakhs 39 thousand taka. The proposal was sent to the University Grants Commission on June 5.

University Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr. Mizanur Rahman said that there will be a building for land acquisition, low landfilling, pond mining, plantation and planning and engineering sections in the development project. Apart from this, the master plan of the modern world is included in this project. There will be green trees and lakes on campus for beauty enhancement and natural environment. The whole campus will be divided into two parts by lake, which will be connected by 5 bridges.

VC said the project will be started from July 1, 2018. The project will expire in June 2020. The project will be completed within two years. He said that the expenditure incurred in implementation could increase further.

Registrar Wahiduzzaman said that the cost of the project is 186 billion, but it could exceed 2000 crore.

On July 11, 2017, at its meeting 287 crores seven and a half acres of land an academic building and Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman hall, one of the thousand-seat resident students of the hall, the university’s further development, “the project was presented by Planning Commission member Nazrul Islam.

After seeing the project proposal, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that this 7 acres will not solve the problem of Jagannath University with 10 acres. Old Dhaka traffic jam and Ganji area. It is an inappropriate place for a university. And for an organization like Jagannath University, retail will not work with a hall and academic building. Universities should be developed by international standards, where all facilities, including university halls, campuses, academic buildings, libraries, have facilities. The Prime Minister said that the amount of land required for this university would be provided to it. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has ordered a complete plan to be presented to her.

Within a year of the instruction, the development project proposal (DPP) has been sent by the university authorities. The proposal for acquisition and development of 200 acres of land will be presented at ECNEC meeting.

Prof. Dr. Mizanur Rahman said that all organizations have been approved for acquiring land. Now the Central Land Committee of the Ministry of Land is waiting for approval. The land will be approved soon and he hopes that the project costing Tk 1862 crore 98 lakhs 39 thousand taka for the second campus will be ended.

JnU BCL President Tariqul Islam said that the education leader, Sheikh Hasina gave permanent solutions to the university. The Prime Minister never break her commitment, the implementation of her declaration has begun. We are pleased, sincere thanks for taking a breakthrough step.

JnU BCL General Secretary Sheikh Jainul Abedin Rasel said the Prime Minister understands the best- where is the need. For the modern university, she wanted to give the land as much as needed. Jagannath University will soon be established as a world-class university in honor of the Prime Minister. He expressed his gratitude to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.


Minar Al Hasan | JnU correspondent