Trends are seasonal and periodical: Verma D’Mello

1. How would you relate past & present fashion trends?

Trends are seasonal and periodical. They change according to the immediate hype created by a style, culture or success. So it is not fair to compare the difference between past and future. But a simple note is that trends followed till the 90’s were more comfort-oriented with being artistic as a form of expression. And now it is style oriented- to be more fashionable with a signature on everybody’s lifestyle. This won’t be a fad for too long as there is a lot of awareness around the world – where people are moving towards healthy, natural and simple fabrics. As far as I see it, the future will be taken over more by fusion fashion with various natural made fabrics.

2. How comfortable are you working for hands with model and other designers?

Designing is a process to create a masterpiece for the comfort of the customer or need for a fashion show. To recreate the thought or idea which is in my mind, I would not mind working or collaborating with anybody as far as they able to be in symphony with the same thoughts, fashion and also, understand the ethics of collaboration.

3. How would you deal with an arrogant client?

This is a really tricky and fun thing for any real artist, not just a fashion designer. There are clients who come with half knowledge and trouble us trying to force their ideas on us which are not possible to be dealt with. I believe that when you are in a situation when convincing someone isn’t really possible, the best that can be done is to get them confused. I take all the time available to make them understand all the impossible ways of making things work out their way and then when they surrender I place my designer or artistic charm to them. But it is always a challenge to handle arrogant and dominating clients.

4. How would you describe your personal style?

To me in simple words, my style represents my mood and attitude. Colors play a vital role in my life. It portrays my character and my personality. I am not someone who follows trends but instead set my own trend. Comfort and flow are my foremost priorities.

5. Where do you see yourself in next ten years?

To me, life is about opportunities and not challenges. So I always visualize things where I can do my best and excel at every step and not worry or expect more from the future. The sky is my limit, the endless road is my destination, my goodwill should reign in every part of the world and that is my ultimate dream.

6. What do you consider the important facts of the fashion industry?

The more you know, the more there is to still to know. This industry is ever evolving. It is an unending business just like pharma; definitely creative and dedicated. Every person in the industry has their own agendas to taste a different kind of success or experiment with fashion. And yes, the people in the fashion industry are from the same society the whole world belongs to.

7. What kind of software do you use while designing, if not, then also be frank?

Fashion designing has been my passion over the years. I started my career when there was no such software available. I used to visualize with permutations and combinations and put in on paper. And now I have enough experience to design a new masterpiece with a sketch when the client approaches me. I actually never felt the need for any software as my designs are without any repetition. I always enjoy the fun of sketching and handmade work. On some occasions, I have had to update technology and was open to using Photoshop and Autocad.

8. What skills according to you are necessary for a successful fashion designer?

A successful fashion designer is one who doesn’t run out of thoughts or who doesn’t connect with the real people around. To know the culture of your client is very important before you showcase your work to them. To allow you work to be updated and creative, it is imperative to have fashion forecasting skills that help a lot, especially so you don’t repeat your work. Also should know where and how to sell your product. Above all have time for your family and friends for it keeps you motivated and gives you peace.



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