Adriana Fiakka represents Cyprus to Miss world

World Top Next Model 2018 & Miss Asia 2018 in Lebanon Miss Asia 2018  winners Miss Vietnam 1st Runnworld Russian.

The event was 29 Jun location Pangeo Resor In Lebanon MTV production Manager partner Inter.prestige show production. A quest for The Jury was the Manager director for Cyprus and Greece.

Top Next Model 2018 was 1st Julie location Studio MTV  Lebanon Winners Russian Anastasia Mokina.

 Miss World Cyprus 2018 was one of the Top Winners with extra Title Miss Best Photogenic name Adriana Fiakka from Cyprus very popular photographer invited her to go for shooting soon in Lebanon.

Adriana Fiakka she represents Cyprus to Miss World on September 2018 the jury select her no only for beauty but for the best personality.


By Saif Rahman