Press release with Dori Eversole Lewis’ interview

2nd Annual Kentucky Derby Fashion Show 830 Phillips Ln, Louisville, KY 40209 04/15/2018 5:30-9:00 pm.

Live Out Loud Charity (LOLC) hosted a fashion show to raise funds for suicide prevention and anti-bullying. Local and national fashion designers showcased their collections on stage at one of Louisville’s premier venues; the Crowne Plaza. Over 460 people attended and over 150 models of all sizes, heights, ages, and ethnic backgrounds took the stage to stand against suicide and bullying. “Some of our models are professionals, but all are real people affected by suicide, depression, bullying, and low self-esteem. Each person that walks our runway is empowered by our training and the incredible experiences they gain at LOLC events. Live Out Loud Charity is a major support system for individuals needing a positive outlet to rebuild their confidence,” states founder, Sherrie Gearheart.

Spokespersons including Teen Kentucky Ambassador Shanna McClung along with Sherrie Gearheart educated the audience on the signs of depression, the steps for suicide intervention, and the resources available for those in need. Funds raised from the benefit aided in the organization’s 2018 community outreach in core character development and anti-bullying.

Community members, media outlets, and school officials attended the benefit. Performers at the show were Kentucky teen vocalist Savannah Reeves along with Atlanta based singer/songwriter Jason London. Opening the show was child singer Dylan Maynard and Kathy Navigator. The fashion show had designers from Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois. The official designers that showcased in the 2nd Annual Kentucky Derby Fashion Show for LOLC included: MJ Millennial Collection, Kimberly Phillips Clothier, Brick Malone, JossyBelle Boutique, Sharisa Couture Designs, Danaya Designs 4U, Wonderfulee Marlee, Jackson Skyler, Keyan Karr, Bella Royal, Jordan Skeen, HEKaTuRe Designs, Bryan Boyd, and The Polkadotted Pineapple Boutique.

Now we will hear from: 


·       What was the inspiration behind this collection? What are your favorite pieces?

o   “I chose designs from several designers that create a true depiction of beautiful dresses that complement Derby fashions for this current year. The main designer I used was Samuel Dong out of New York. His designs compliment most bodies, forms and flatters all shapes and sizes. That is extremely important to market to the general public.”

·       Why did you become involved with Live Out Loud Charity?

o   “I have a true passion to help people in many forms. I was particularly interested in what LOLC represented and there are never enough people willing to talk about and help educate persons about suicide and bullying to prevent it. It was truly an honor to be able to be a part of this worthy cause. I was happy to be a part to expand my business in doing so, but if I did not receive any benefit at all, I would do it over and over again to make people aware of the need to make people aware. It’s saving lives and we all need to participate.”

o   “I have 13 grand-children and 7 great grand-children, and I know some of them have been directly affected by these situations so it’s so important to set the example for our future generations to stand strong and be there for each other.”

·       Do you have any upcoming fashion shows people can see your collection in?

o  “We usually participate in a couple fall shows locally. I am looking forward to coming to Indy to that show and making myself available to help, if Sherrie can use my help in any way.”

·       Where can we follow you or learn more about your collection?

o  “We are on Facebook and Instagram and of course, have a webpage which is in process of updating.”

Did you miss our last fashion show? No Worries. We would like to invite the public to our upcoming 9thAnnual International Fashion Show for Live Out Loud Charity, held at the Indianapolis Arts Garden, in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.

Live Out Loud Charity is a non-profit organization founded in 2010. LOLC’s mission is to save lives through awareness and education. The organization has reached millions of people worldwide through television, radio, magazines, school tours, awareness events, and newspapers. The non-profit holds an annual Leadership Academy, training volunteers as spokespersons and ambassadors in the QPR Institute’s suicide intervention program, its Core Character Development workshops, and STAR anti-bullying presentations. LOLC has successfully trained over 100 representatives across the United States as well as internationally in Puerto Rico, Ireland, the Philippines, Jamaica, Liberia, Canada, and France. To learn more visit: For additional information contact: Sherrie Gearheart, [email protected] (815) 914-860.

Photography: Carols Rodolfo Chinchilla

Photography: Alex Callejo, AC Photography (grey & yellow pants outfit).



By Saif Rahman