Seminar on Digital Economy held at JnU

Today a seminar on Digital Economy held at JnU by the Economics Studies Club in the Department of Economics of Jagannath University. The seminar was held at Bazlur Rahman auditorium of Jagannath University (JnU) Department of Economics.

In this, Presided over by Chairman of Economics Department Dr. Ainul Islam, Assistant Professor of Economics Department Tareq Mohammad Shamsul Arefin was present as the chief negotiator.

He said the global economy is largely dependent on machines and programming. In the international curriculum, education, and technology, Bangladesh is moving abroad due to backward or backwardness.

Where developed countries use satellite to collect foreign information and take their policies. Where we are only in the open market economics, ICT-based skilled manpower in advanced countries, ignoring that and ignoring the trend, is going to new trends.

Because the world economy is changing rapidly because there is no information boundaries, the laws that are not well with the previous laws also change rapidly.
So our government will have to come forward to take this issue to the regional agreement and to build ICT-based skilled manpower, the investment will have to be increased.

Professor Dr. Ainul Islam said, According to the announcement of Honorable Prime Minister, Bangladesh will enter Digital Economy by 2021, but because of not being able to make our skilled manpower in this regard, we are still far behind, which is a threat to our economy and threats.

Besides, students of the department including professor Habib Rahman, Soma Bhattacharya, Mahmud Hasan Shah, lecturer Rabiul Karim and Kohinur Aktar were present.

Minar Al Hasan, JnU correspondent