Weekend Programme at Jahangirnagar University

JU Chemistry students deplored Progressive students protest programme. Students of Chemistry department in Jahangirnagar University (JU) yesterday deplored the announcement of resist admission test of ‘Weekend Masters Programme on Chemistry’ by Progressive Students Alliance which tois held on August 17.

In a press release by Rashayan Sangshad of the department, students said, ‘We sat with our teachers on August 6 and 7. They assured that weekend programme will not hamper our regular academic activities’.

‘Our teachers also accepted our demands including reduction of session backlog and conducting regular academic activities smoothly’, the release added.

However, these students urged the Progressive Student Alliance to withdraw resist programme of the admission test of weekend course programme on August 17.

While talking with Vice President (VP) of JU Rashayan Sangshad Saiful Islam said, ‘As our teachers assured that weekend programme will not hamper the regular academic activities, we returned back to our classes’.

‘In this circumstances, we think such a protest programme by PSA is totally illogical’, he added.

When contacted the Chairman of Professor Nurul Abser said, ‘We are always friendly with our regular students. Of course, we will give more prior to them. If we face any trouble to conduct weekend programme, we will stop it’.

Mentionable, Progressive Student Alliance (PSA) of the university unit announced to resist the admission test of the weekend masters program at the chemistry department on August 17 that to be launched from next month.

Rudro Azad, JU Correspondent